VINKEM LABS PVT. LTD. is a company dedicated to the Pharmaceutical Industry with all the potential to storm the world market. Its main object is the development and communication of new treatments for Cancer and serious skin diseases that enhances the efficacy of known and novel cancer drugs. It will emerge as a renowned name in the Pharma Industry, in the years to come.

VINKEM LAB is a 100% EOU promoted by reputed professionals and experts with vast experience in the Pharma industry.

The product range includes high value low volume anti-cancer products such as




VINKEM - A symbol of Quality Standard

The critical life savings drugs manufactured by VINKEM are all made with stringent quality standard/ parameters at every stage to ensure total safety to the human life. And the equipments used for this quality checks are all imported from the world famous manufacturers in the pharma field. So that each product comes out from VINKEM LAB matches the best global standard.

VINKEM LABS is always committed to quality and sincere services to their customers and we always keep our production schedule on time.

VINKEM - one among the pioneers in Pharma Industry in South India. In our agenda of service to the people - R & D work always stands on the Top. And we are sure we will be of great help to take up the assignment of manufacturing of drug inter mediaries which would be warranted in rendering our care to the cause of health care to the world over.

Since we started our production activities in JUNE 1997, with its Headquarters in Madras / Chennai, we are able to meet the requirements of the Buyers on time and we are sure we will not, at anytime fail to cope up with any situation, as we have a good infrastructure and manufacturing facility.

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