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* WWW - Domain name booking ....(for companies in INDIA)

So you have your homepage up on the NET - does your URL look something like
http://www.hostingcoy.com/yourcoy ? or http://www.hostingcoy.com/clients/abc.html ? or
http://members.tripod.com/~mypage/index.htm ?
That's a real long Internet address to put on your visiting card and letter head.

Why don't you register your own domain ? Get your self a URL like http://www.mycoy.com
where (mycoy) is a short phrase of your company like "microsoft" ( www.microsoft.com)

Short and simple - an International identity - a unique address on the NET - only one such domain name can exist on the NET.

Your life time international identity - your domain name - is just waiting to be taken - hurry or you may lose it to someone else. Common company names have already been taken.
So get started and book you DOMAIN - it's as simple as emailing us and paying in Indian Rs.

Choose the scheme below that best suits your needs and email us.


* You are interested in booking your domain and reserving it for future use.
* You dont have a homepage up on the NET as yet but you plan to do so soon and you would like to redirect the domain to your real homepage wherever it is on the NET.
ie. you would like WWW.YOURCOY.COM be redirected to http://www.somewhere.com/mycomany/index.html
whenever your homepage is ready and uploaded to a server of your choice.
YES - we can help you - what we need from you:-
- your choice of DOMAIN NAME 
- Please give us three choices like
MYCOYGROUP.COM etc...in a priority order.

We will then be able to register the first available NAME in the list.

On confirmation from INTERNIC ( the Global company - Network Solutions) who registers DOMAIN names, we will email you the status and keep your domain on a HOLD State. (Your domain is booked - but not redirected anywhere.)

When your ready with your homepage, just email us the correct URL of your homepage

as :-

http://www.yourhost.com/companies/listings/yourcoy/index.html (just an example)

and we will re-direct your DOMAIN to this physical address.

You may then publicise your WWW.MYCOY.COM - anyone getting to www.mycoy.com will be automatically redirect to your physical URL .

Please note that this is called WEB re-direction and even if you type in http://www.mycoy.com in a BROWSER, your real physical URL address will showup on the screen and in search engine match lists. It really makes no difference. The advantage is if you later decide to shift your homepage to a different site like

http://www.differentsite.com/mycompany.htm for any reason. You have to send us this information and we redirect your DOMAIN to your new address. Simple ! At no additional cost for a FULL YEAR.


DOMIAN Registration - US $ 100 / Rs. 4,500.00 ( payable to INTERNIC for the first 2 years)

DOMAIN BOOKING.....US $ 75 / Rs. 3,500.00 (for booking your DOMAIN one-time)

WEB REDIRECTION....US $ 125 / Rs. 5,500 (for one year)

(Our charges include a service cost to cover our expenses and all payments are to be made in Indian Rs. )

NOTE: WEB redirection charges include domian email facility. Eg. sales@mycoy.com will be redirected to your real email address like myname@giasxx01.vsnl.net.in

You may choose 3 such names like info@mycoy.com purchase@mycoy.com etc...

If you later change your email account and register with another company, your email may be something like myname@new.telecom.coy.net.in - Again , you just have to email us this information and we will redirect info@mycoy.com to this new email address. Convenient isn't it? 

You are free to host your homepage anywhere and your DOMAIN remains the same - you change your email service provider and your domian email never changes. All this facility for a small amount.

Interested ?

Then send in your :

Domian name choice list
Company Name & Address
Contact person name
Phone no: & Fax no:
Your Email:
Your current homepage address ( If you have one)
Choice of 3 domain email names like sales/info/marketing etc...
Cheque no:/ Date: / Bank/ Amount.
(We accept cheques drawn on a bank in Channai/Madras or a demand draft)
Please mail your cheque/DD payable to "Tambraparni International"
Tambraparni International
C/o Tambraparni Group of Companies
25, Kasturi Rangan road
Chennai / Madras - 600 018

YOUR CHOICE- If you wish to pay US $ 100 to INTERNIC directly , please mention it in your email . We will inform them to send you the paper Invoice directly to your billing address and you can make a direct payment through a $ DD . ( This will be at your own risk...Internic Invoices sent by mail reaches late sometimes and you will have to pay withing 30 days from date of their invoice) . We normally book domains on client's behalf with our address and we take the responsibility. At a later date if you wish take charge of your domain directly and host your page on a server of your choice and continue similar services with another company, just email us - and we will transfer the account to your service provider. Your new service provider may charge a one time fee of US$ 50 to 100 for this and you will have to communicate with them in future.

Send in your info by email. - click here...domian@tissd.com

Any doubts ? then click here: ...doubts@tissd.com


As scheme 1 - at an additional cost of Rs. 1,500 , we can host a simple homepage about your company. We need a single page description of your company , photograph of your company Logo and one photograph of your Product.


You need all the above services and SERVER space to upload your homepage ? Please wait...we are working on it.

Tambraparni International
Chennai/Madras . India. Fax: +91-44-4991932
Email to Tambraparni International :tambraparni@pobox.com


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