The Management

The Company has a highly qualified and competent team of experienced professionals in both technical and administration fields.

Technical :

1. Mr.S.Kamalakar Rao                President

2. Lt.Col.(Retd.)M.Narayanan Vice President
Quality Assurance

3. Mr.R.Sekar Asst. Vice President
Project Co-ordination

4. Mr.I.Arjun Kumar Project Manager

5. Mr.R.C.Gupta Project Manager

They are assisted by a team consisting of 15 Engineers and over 15 support staff with experience and wide exposure in construction and implementation of the projects.

Administration :

1.Mr.G.Sundaramurthy        Senior Vice President

- Commercial

2. Ms.A.Mythili Vice President
- Finance & Co. Sec.

3. Mr.S.Srivatsan Sales Manager

4. Mr. P.S.Ashok Asst. Sales Manager

They are assisted by a well qualified team of over 20 Administrative staff and 12 support staff with rich experience in the day to day administration of the Company and its affairs.