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The Board of Directors

SUDSUN HOUSING DEVELOPMENT (I) LIMITED, has on its Board well known Industrialists and Professionals with experience in various fields:

Mr.D.Sudhakara Reddy Director
Chairman & MD Oriental Hotels Ltd.

Mr.N.Srinivasan Senior Partner, Fraser & Ross
Director (Chartered Accountant)

Mr.T.Kannan Managing Director
Director Thiagarajar Mills

Mr.D.Vijaya Mohan Managing Director
Director Premier Instruments &
Controls Ltd.

Mr.Vijaynarayan Advocate

Mr.C.R.Ramakrishna Former M.D. ECC (L&T)

Mr.D.Sunder Nischal Director
Director Sudsun Construction
Products (i) Limited

The Board is assisted by a team of professionals having hands-on experience in construction, property development, finance and administration.