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SCOPE's main strength is in Industrial Market Research. SCOPE helps major companies to determine whether there is a need or a demand for their products / services in India before they commit major investments in expansion or new ventures.
  • Current size of market and growth trends
  • Identification of major market segments and niches
  • Market place needs/wants
  • Status of competitors and their products
  • Pricing and sensitivity
  • Determining the purchase decision process

    SCOPE helps fashion appropriate marketing strategies.

    SCOPE helps in strengthening the marketing efforts of the companies by carrying out a comprehensive market segmentation exercise.

  • Which segments exist in the market and how large is each segment?
  • Which segments does your company currently service?
  • Which segments are key competitors present in?
  • Which segments offer the highest opportunities for growth?
  • What product modifications are needed to penetrate new markets?
  • How to position your product in these markets?

    SCOPE helps companies in understanding :

  • How customers define “Value”?
  • How customers perceive them vis-a-vis competition?
  • The extent of satisfaction on various product (tangible) and intangible aspects. Etc...
  • How to track, review and take action on customer related issues?

    Market Research studies handled by SCOPE

  • In-depth market research studies - Chemicals, Engineering, Consumer, etc.
  • Market overviews
  • Awareness studies
  • Ad. recall studies
  • Image and perception studies
  • Product positioning studies
  • Panel studies
  • Group discussions
  • Satisfaction tracking and review studies
  • Benchmark studies
  • Customer profiling and mapping
  • Distribution & Logistics
  • Marketing plan document preparation
  • Export market studies
  • Global studies
  • Editorial matter
  • ...and many more

    Economic Studies handled by SCOPE

  • Sourcing studies
  • Sectoral studies
  • Regional studies

    Scope Marketing Private Limited
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