YARN: The Yarn range comprises counts ranging from 6s to 24s in Open End and 16s to 80s in Ring Spun Yarn in single and doubled (TFO).

GREY WOVEN FABRIC: The variety of fabric weave includes, Sheeting,Canvas, Satin, Drill, Twill, Gabardine, Herringbone and Oxford Weave. Equipped with the most modern looms, LOYAL produces fabrics in widths ranging form 40"to 132".

DYED WOVEN FABRICS: The process-house specialities include High- Visibility Fluorescent finish, Flame Retardant finish, Stain-guard, Wax-Coating and Anti-static finish, besides dyeing and bleaching of cotton and Poly-cotton fabrics.

GREY KNITTED FABRIC: The entire range of Single Jersey (also with Lycra/Spandex), Interlock,Rib, 2 and 3 Thread Fleeze, Pique Polo and Flat bed colour are produced.

DYED KNITTED FABRIC: Very good quality of bleached and dyed knitted fabrics are produced out of SCLAVOS and SANTEX machines.

GARMENTS: (click here)Worker's uniforms and knitted Garments.