Established in South India since 1955 the tannery is acknowledged as a global player in the world specialising in the production of high quality natural tanned clothing leathers made out of the best brands of New Zealand Pickle lamb pelts and specially selected Indian lamb, goat, buffalo and cow  raw materials.The company was started by Mr.Shivji Ram Rallan and was engaged in the business of exporting raw hides and skins to European and North American tanners.

In the 1960's the second generation lead by Mr.Purushotam Nath Rallan entered into the family business. A tannery based on time tested local crafts and skills was soon commenced in Madras to produce vegetable tanned hides and skins .

These vegetable tanned leathers were exported to the same tanners in Europe and North America who earlier bought high quality Raw hides and skins from International Trading Company.

In the 1970's a tannery was built in Ambur in VELLORE DISTRICT , Tamilnadu with European technology and assistance from the Goverment of India to produce finished leather out of the vegetable Hides and Skins previously exported.

In the 1980's this small tannery producing finished leathers was gradually modernised with sophisticated tanning machines imported from Italy, Germany and the U.K. The installed capacity was increased to 500,000 square feet of quality finished leather per month. The finished leathers were exported to Italy, France and the far east besides being sold to Indian factories making leather garments for export and domestic markets.

In the 1990's Mr. Sunil Rallan joined the family business to carry on the tradition of making quality tanned leather. He brought with him new management skills and built a young team of professional managers to take the enterprise forward with vision 2000.

In keeping with the company's philosophy and social awarness a modern effluent treatment plant was built to treat the tannery waste water with a chromium recovery and recycling plant to confirm to Global standards of effluent treatment and disposal. The tannery also took a conscious decision not to employ CHILD LABOUR, a practice followed by industry in most third world countries. SAFETY NORMS and a clean working environment were provided to a disciplined ,trained and motivated work force.

A quality certification program with technical assistance from the Central Leather Research Institute has been commenced and as first step the tannery will obtain ISO 9002 by December 1998 followed by ISO 14000.

International Trading Company is one of the first tanners to offer clothing leathers using only natural vegetables and oil in tanning process. The company has spent extensively in the research and development of new products and in sourcing raw materials. These are tested thoroughly and converted into the company's most popular products in order to offer alternative options to world markets. This investment in product development means increased flexibility on the part of the tannery to explore raw material availability and offer increased choice to the customers.

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